Microblading FAQ 



What is Microblading? Microblading is a service that is performed with a hand tool made up of tiny needles which inserts pigment into the dermal layer of the skin creating natural hair-like strokes. The needles come in a wide variety of sizes which allows the artist to customize each hair stroke and cater to your personal eyebrow needs whether it is to create fullness, camouflage, or provide gap coverage. Because the pigment used for this service is semi-permanent, the hair-like strokes will fade over a period of 1-3 years depending on the skin.

Does Microblading Hurt? After numbing the eyebrow area for 20-25 minutes with a topical anesthetic containing 5% Lidocaine, you should feel very comfortable. However, there may be slight discomfort at times during the service. For example, the tail end of the brows towards the temple area can be more sensitive because the skin is thin. Don’t worry! The topical anesthetic can be applied a second time during your service if you feel you need it! Keep in mind that everyone’s skin and pain tolerance is different.

Is there just one color to pick from? Absolutely not! There are various shades and undertones to choose from. The color is usually chosen based on your natural hair color and skin tone. If you are someone who loves to change your hair color frequently, you must let your tattoo artist know so they can create a multi-functional color for your brows. 

What is the Microblading process? Microblading consists of 2 appointments which are scheduled 8 weeks apart. The first appointment takes anywhere from 2-3 hours. This is when we decide what type of brow looks best on you! Remember, Eyebrows are Sisters NOT Twins! None of us have an extremely proportionate face.  After the pre-draw, you will numb for 20-25 mins. Then we will begin! Your retouch appointment will be scheduled for 8 weeks after. During this appointment, we will touch up any areas that may have faded or just need to be filled. 

How long does Microblading last? Microblading lasts anywhere from 1-3 years naturally fading over time depending on the client's skin type (oily, normal, dry), age, exposure to the sun, tanning beds, creams containing retinol, some skincare, chemical peels, and exfoliation. To maintain your look, a 12-18 month touchup is recommended to keep your eyebrows looking crisp!


What to expect after your Microblading session? 

Day Of: Slightly tender, may still be a bit red and swollen

Day After: Skin may look a little pink, still slightly tender and swollen, brows will look dark with a hint of a red undertone. Shape may look intense.

Day 3-5: skin should not be red or swollen anymore. brows will still look dark and feel tight and itchy.

Day 6-11: brows may start to scab and peel. brows may become patchy looking.  

Day 12-14: peeling and scabbing should be done. brows may start to fade. you may resume your normal routine.

Day 30: brows should be healed and you will be able to see the true intensity of the color 

Remember, we all heal differently! 

 *Please contact a physician if any of these symptoms occur in the brow area: extreme redness, swelling, pain, fever, blistering scabs, foul odor 


Aftercare is a MUST! Following Aftercare is extremely important! Keep your brows dry for the first 24 hours. You can still shower and wash your face if needed. Just be careful while doing so!  Continue with this method for the next 3-4 days: wash your eyebrows at night with gentle back and forth motions. Pat dry and air out for 10 minutes, then apply a thin layer of Aquaphor. Keep your eyebrows as dry as possible when showering and washing your hair. After the 4th day, leave them alone. Let them peel and scab on their own. Do not pick any scabs off! Picking can cause scarring and loss of pigment. Remember that your brows may heal a bit lighter and maybe have some complete fading in certain areas which can make them look uneven. This is normal! Remember that brows take 2 appointments to complete. 


Activities and routines to avoid in the 10 days after your Microblading service:

  • Try to avoid all sweating (sweat contains saline which is how pigment is removed).

  • Do not exercise for 7 days after your procedure.

  • Do not swim, hot tub, sauna, steam, take long steamy showers for 10 days after your procedure. 

  • Do not sleep on your face.

  • Do not wear makeup on your eyebrows or close to them (foundation, eyeshadow, etc.).

  • Do not use products on or around your brows even once they’ve healed, that contain retinols, retinals, Differin, Tretinoin, lactic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, mandelic acid, etc.  

  • Once they are healed, always always always apply SPF on them! Sun exposure will fade your brows.

  • You can resume your normal routine in 10 days. 

Will my eyebrows STAND OUT after the procedure?  One of the best things about Microblading is that it can look as natural or dramatic as you want! Besides the redness which will calm down in a couple of hours, people might not even notice you had anything done. This is great news for people who want to look more natural! If you like DRAMA, then dramatic is what you will look like when you leave! Remember, everyone has their own style! Sometimes watching Microblading YouTube videos and looking at pictures on social media may give you the wrong impression.


Consultations are a great way to figure out if this procedure is right for you!   

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